Who wears our products?

Eyelash Warehouse are proud to have a following of both celebrities and make up artists.

For a make up artist, it is important to have a product that looks natural and is easy & fast to work with.  On a shoot, a makeup artist may need to change a models look several times, so fast removal of product is just as important as fast application.


With this in mind, we have created an eyelash adhesive that is used for short wear, and is therefore quick and easy removal.  This adhesive is very popular with make up artists as it allows them to apply and remove eyelash extensions with ease.


As a celebrity it is important that the public is never aware of what is real and what is fake. 


Celebrities choose Crystal Eyes, as they know that all our product ranges are made of the highest quality materials, and therefore look the most natural and are completely undetectable.


The secret behind the success of many celebrities is their Crystal Eyes lashes.  Check out just a few of our celebrity clients above.

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