Eyelash Application Tips

Here at Eyelash Warehouse we like to Choosing the correct size for your client
Choosing the correct size and shape eyelash extension for your client is essential. At Crystal Eyes we supply two different shaped lashes and three different widths. If the lashes aren’t the correct length your client may be unhappy with the result and the wrong width could mean the lashes wont adhere properly

Do not adhere at base of eyelid
Eyelash extensions should be applied approx. 1mm from the base of the natural lash. If the extension is applied to the eyelid it will be uncomfortable for your client and could cause irritation and damage the natural lash.

Use the correct amount of adhesive
During application you should only apply enough adhesive to securely adhere the extension to the natural lash. Using excessive amounts of adhesive could result in the lashes sticking together and clumping.

Set up your workstation before client arrives
There are many different tools required to apply eyelash extensions so it is important that you set up your workstation before your client arrives to ensure all your tools are there and that everything is easily accessible to you.

Create a comfortable relaxing environment
It is essential that your client remains relaxed and still during the treatment. It is your responsibility to create a comfortable environment. This will also result in return clientele.

Make sure tools are clean before each client
It is crucial to clean your tools thoroughly before and after each client. Unsterile tools could result in eye infections and irritations for your client

Use a block buff to remove adhesive from tweezers
Excess adhesive may dry on your tweezers. We recommend using a block buff to remove this before sterilizing them.

Use eucalyptus oil or acetone to remove adhesive from crystal stone
After each client use a cotton bud soaked in acetone to remove the adhesive from your crystal stone. 

Practice makes perfect
Applying eyelash extensions is a precise art and can be quite tricky for those of you using them for the first time, but no need to worry, practice makes perfect!

Always have a spare bottle of adhesive
It is very important to always have a spare bottle of adhesive in the salon. It is easy to monitor your stock of eyelash extensions but not so easy with the adhesive. It would be extremely unprofessional to run out half way through a client!

Always have sensitive adhesive on hand
You will mainly be using the strong adhesive however you always need to have a bottle of sensitive adhesive on hand! If your client arrives and you determine through the consultation that she will need the sensitive adhesive but don’t have it on hand, you’ve lost a client!

How to do a skin test if client is concerned about irritation
If you are concerned a client may have extremely sensitive eyes or is currently experiencing mild allergies you should perform a patch test by applying a small droplet of adhesive onto the inside of your clients arm. Let it dry and ask them to leave the adhesive on their arm for 48 hours. If there is no reaction present you can apply a full set with the Crystal Eyes sensitive adhesive.

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